Five Benefits of Unattended Fuel Outlets (UFOs)

Five Benefits of Unattended Fuel Outlets (UFOs)

iStock-528101243_web.jpgIf you manage fleet vehicles for your organization, you’re well-versed on all the ins and outs of the most common methods for obtaining fuel — bulk deliveries to fuel tanks, mobile fueling and purchasing at retail locations with fuel cards. However, there’s another fuel delivery method that you may not be quite as knowledgeable about. And, that’s unattended fuel outlets or UFOs.

Unattended fuel outlets are exactly what the name implies — unmanned fuel stations. They are also known for being reliable, computerized, fully-automated and a fast and convenient way for drivers to fill up vehicles and get back on the road without the time-consuming hassle of convenience store lines and the safety hazards associated with crowded lots.

Just as bulk fuel tanks, mobile fueling and retail fuel cards provide bottom-line benefits, so do UFOs. In fact, they provide even greater savings and discounts to members, since they are managed by the same provider as the provider of their fuel card.

With the many benefits UFOs provide, you might want to consider UFOs as part of your fuel program. Here are some key reasons why. 

ConvenienceUFOs are built and designed for commercial vehicles only. What this means is easy maneuverability for heavy-duty and light trucks, buses, vans, automobiles and motorcycles. Plus, there are no personal vehicles on the lot for drivers to worry about navigating around.

Additionally, UFOs are open 24/7, all year long, and are typically located within a specific geographic area, close to major roads and highways, so drivers are not wasting time and fuel — which equals money — looking for a station.


SavingsWhile using a retail fuel card provides savings over using a traditional card or cash, using fuel cards at a UFO means even more savings and discounts. As mentioned earlier, it’s because UFOs are managed by the same provider as the member’s fleet fuel card provider. 

Using cards at UFOs means members get regular fuel discounts and as a “loyal” member, volume discounts. So, the more drivers use their cards to fuel their vehicles, the more savings are accumulated.


SecurityThe safety and security of drivers and vehicles is always a top fleet concern, and here’s how UFOs can help keep assets safe and secure.

Usually, UFOs are located in well-traveled areas that are suitable for large commercial vehicles and are typically outfitted with security cameras for an additional safety layer.

Cards are protected by Level III transaction data at the pump, meaning drivers must enter specific information known only to them to begin fueling. Since fleet cards are owned and operated by the same system, should fleet fraud occur, the provider can quickly notify you of suspicious activity and, if necessary, take swift action.


TimeUFOs make it simple and fast for drivers to get in, get fueled and get back on the road. Not only does this increase productivity, it also increases customer satisfaction, with more deliveries and jobs completed on time.

Further, there are no convenience stores at UFOs that drivers can stop in for food or drink, and there are no crowded lots to make maneuvering vehicles more difficult, which makes the chances of a parking lot accident more unlikely.

At a UFO, you know your driver is there for one thing — fuel.


QualityTo keep vehicles running optimally, fuel quality must be consistent. And, the truth is, while retail fuel stations may have premium diesel and gasoline, the quality is not always consistent, and this can present problems down the road.

Fueling vehicles at UFOs means high-quality fuel with every fill-up. Not only that, in addition to unleaded, premium and diesel, UFOs offer fuels that can’t be found at retail stations, such as CNG and E85 ethanol.


With so many benefits, what are you waiting for?


PS Energy has four UFOs that are strategically and conveniently located throughout metro Atlanta. To get an overview of their capabilities, map their location or open a UFO account, visit